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Chemistry: The Central Science (13th Edition)

July 8, 2018 - Comment

Chemistry Text, latest edition, required text Product Features required text,

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Chemistry Text, latest edition, required text

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Aaron says:

IF YOU NEED THE 12 EDITION BUY THE 11TH!!!! I transferred schools and I needed Chemistry: The Central Science for Chem II. The class listed that I needed the 12th edition but they also gave us Mastering Chemistry for free so I figured would just use the E-Book. It turned out to be a pain so about five weeks into the semester I decided I needed a hard copy of the book and decided to check the difference between editions. These are literally the same book with exception to Ch. 22 & 23 in 11E and Ch. 23 in the 12E. Most of Ch.23 in 12E is Ch. 23 with parts of Ch. 22 in 11E, you just have to know where you are supposed to be. Also Ch.25 in 11E is Ch.24 in 12E.Even all of the end of chapter exercises are the same in 11E as 12E just numbered differently and some in different order, but all within the same section. There are some that vary slightly, usually just values, but I’d say 97% are the same. Not all of the sample questions are identical either throughout the chapter but most are.This is a great…

Soutthpaw says:

Worst Online experience ever! I had to buy the online access again because the one that comes in the book does not work for my school even after I sent the link to my professor and asked about that before ordering.Pearson Mastering Chemistry is Absolutely the worst interface ever. Even within a single chapter assignment there is discrepancy in their values. they are not consistent and obviously hired a programmer who has never taken a science class in their life to make the software. Professor said he contacted Pearson and the basically told him TOO BAD! I talked to other professors who agree and refuse to use the online assignments with Pearson texts

lady truth says:

Very informative for those new to chemistry This hard book is GOOD for those who are new to general chemistry because it is full of information and it doesn’t assume you know this like some authors and publishers. It is best to buy this book online instead of a bookstore (college) because you’ll pay more. This book also has illustrations to help you, and it will be used for the full one year of general chemistry. I think this book is one of the best books I had while completing my undergraduate degree. I don’t think buyers would be disappointed if bought. Even years after graduating, I still think about this book in terms of the straight-forward information it gives. I hope future buyers will agree.

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